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Hollytree Dalmatians is my hobby. This web site is a showcase of my dogs and the activities I do with my dogs. I love, own, train, and show Dalmatians.

My name is Gilda Turner and I use the name Hollytree Dalmatians to identify my dogs. You will find the kennel name "Hollytree" for several generations in Dalmatian pedigrees. I am a hobby show exhibitor of AKC champion Dalmatians in Alabama.

I acquired my first Dalmatian puppy in 1976, and have trained many top obedience titled and champion titled Dalmatians since. I am very much in love with the breed!

My Dals are home raised companions first and foremost.When you visit, a couple of dogs will greet you or sit down on the couch with you!

Dalmatian puppies coined the phrase, "Cute as a speckled pup!"
No wonder! They are adorable!

The vast majority of the Dalmatians in the Hollytree pedigrees are American Kennel Club champions. Several have obedience or performance titles. I am a big supporter of Dalmatian Rescue.

Please explore the Hollytree website! If you are here for information, use the Resource Links. If you have any breed questions let me know!

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