Raising a Dalmatain Puppy Litter 2008

Raising Newt Gina Dalmatian Puppies
Puppies are put out in the rain to expose them to the noise of thunder
Puppies are put out in a summer rain on purpose.
Being exposed regularly to the sounds of thunder make it a routine noise.
Playing in the rain teaches a puppy it's nothing unusual when put outside to relieve itself during a rain.
Dalmatian puppies are introduced to other members of the family
Puppies are introduced to other adults in the family 'pack' to learn socialization skills.
Hailey, female Weimeraner, and Travis, male Dalmatian.

Dalmatian puppies are introduced to a kiddie pool
As pupies grow, a kiddie pool and different toys are added
Age 6 weeks.
Dalmatian puppies are introduced to water
Puppies are introduced to water at an early age - - shallow pan with a mechanical toy
Twinkle at 4 weeks
Twinkle, age 4 weeks, grabs a large toy.
Dalmatian puppies are introduced to cardboard boxes
4 week old puppies investigate cardboard boxes
Gina watches her puppies play
Gina watches her 4 week old Newt puppies as they play on different sized cardboard boxes and with different toys.
Dalmatian Puppy Dazzle
As each puppy is tested, a strip is run demonstrating the results.
Here, the veterinarian is adjusting the BAER machine.

Dalmatian puppies get their hearing tested with a machine
Ella, 8 wks of age Owner: Jonathan
Gina Nursing her puppies
Dalmatian Ella Show Side
As each puppy gets his/her hearing tested, a microchip is place to identify each puppy permanently.
Boxes of microchips are on the examination table.
Dalmatian puppies get mictochipped
Stetson gets his hearing checked
Stetson has electrodes attached as a BAER hearing test is performed.
Puppies are age 7 weeks.
Dazzle, now named Piper, age 8 weeks
Gina nursing the puppies in a whelping box
Travis checking out the dalmatian puppies in the xpen
Travis checkin out the puppies in the xpen
Raising a litter of dalmatian puppies (2008 Litter)


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