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About Hollytree Dalmatians; Gilda Turner
Gilda Turner and Twinkle

Hollytree Dalmatians

Welcome to Hollytree Dalmatians and Holly Spots Dalmatian Rescue!

I hope you enjoy my spot on the web. My name is Gilda R. Turner and I live in a small town in north central Alabama just off of Interstate 65.

I live near Decatur and Huntsville, Alabama. I am not far away from Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Atlanta. My dogs live in the house or in their air conditioned/heated kennel building. They can be couch potatoes, but they love to play in the yard and run in the horse pasture at the barn!

I got my first Dalmatian in 1976 to go along with my horse. I trained Spring's Misweet Ivy, U.D.,A.D. to three AKC obedience titles, earning her the Utility Dog title, or U.D and one Schultzhund title, the Endurance Title (A.D.). She loved coaching beside or behind a horse. She had a working vocabulary of over 65 words and knew many tricks to entertain at exhibitions or as a therapy dog!

My kennel name is Hollytree, named for my second Dalmatian who had a wonderful championship pedigree. Holly earned the Utility Dog title, several championship points, and had 76 points toward the needed 100 for an Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH). She broke records in obedience for Dalmatian history. Holly became the foundation and the start of a family tree. Therefore "Hollytree."

Hollytree Dalmatians is a small show hobby kennel. My goals are to have healthy, conformationally correct dogs that are intelligent, trainable, and affectionate that are able to grow up to perform in the show ring, obedience ring, tracking, road trials, rally, fly ball, dock diving, search & rescue, work as a therapy dog or service dog!

There are lots of benefits to having a dog including improved physical and emotional health. There are many activities a person can be involved in with their dog. You can take your pick!

Most of all, a Dalmatian should just be a loving companion.

Anyone who has been blessed to have a dog can tell you of the fun and unconditional love they provide. In return, dogs need health care, veterinarian care, training, good food, exercise, grooming, protection from the weather, and a large fenced yard.

Please take the time to browse through the website and learn more about the Dalmatian. I have several informative links, the major one being the Dalmatian Club of America. I would like to give out correct information on the breed and dispell myths. I you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for coming to see Hollytree Dalmatians, and I hope you enjoy your visit !