Hollytree Bright 'n Shiney " Bright "
December, 1995 - March, 2010

Owners: Gilda R. Turner and Dave & Sharon Rogers

Litter sister to Ch Hollytree Lakeshore Jennasis, CGC

( Ch. Tateland's Right on Target [Bogey] x Hollytree Dinah, CD)

I have suffered a tremendous loss in the form of an adorable and loving
spotted dog. Bright left us Monday, March 1st; it has been difficult write about her as I would just start crying.

Bright loved to go on her daily walks to keep her in shape.
This stopped about 1 week ago as Bright only wanted to go as far as the end of the street and would stop to turn around to go home. I thought
it was the cold weather; now I know she probably didn't feel well. I hope this clues someone as a warning flag ..... as I now wish I had carried Bright on in to the veterinarian.

Bright did not feel well last Friday night and refused to eat. She became lethargic Saturday. I took her to the vet on Sunday and she was started on medications and IV fluid. Sunday she had started having tremors that were seizures. I kept Sharon & Dave informed.

Early Monday, I carried her to 2 veterinarians to get immediate diagnostic work-ups.
It was terrible news. Bright had big time renal failure. BUN, creatinine, and WBC's had increased. [Kidney values were absolutely great in December.] My vet made an attempt to stabilize her all Monday. She said Bright's appearance and health was that of a younger dog, and she wanted to see if Bright could rebound.

I got updates, but about 4 pm, the veterinarian said it: There were just too many things for Bright to fight off and probably not make it. She deserved every kindness and dignity I could give her.

When Bright was brought into the room and laid down, I hugged her and sobbed. In her typical fashion, she tried to raise her head to comfort me; she even wagged her tail. I just cried and cried. My veterinarian hugged me. I kept my hand across Bright's chest and felt the last heartbeat she made. I told her "I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart."

Bright is in Heaven with her spotted family, but leaves me here to grieve and miss her. "Bright, don't leave me," I told her.
It's about the only thing she's ever done wrong.

What a great girl. She got her name from her personality. She wagged her tail and befriended everyone. Her 'bright and shiney' charisma made them love her back! A truly happy Dalmatian that smiled a lot !!!

The only dog I know sweeter than Bright was her grandma, Copper. They liked anyone and everyone. They were mellow but up-beat. Bright would not hurt a kitten. Even mean or aggressive dogs would not bother them; strange how they had that effect on other dogs.

Bright was built and spotted like her mother Dinah and grandmother Holly and had 'their' head. She was the smallest puppy in Dinah's litter but strong and sturdy. She was the first to start wagging a tail!

I was to have sold Bright and kept her sister, Jenna, but Dave and Sharon Rogers convinced me they understood Jenna's importance, and they would show and breed Jenna. I later put them on a co-ownership on Bright.

Bright was my step daughter Alison's Jr. Showmanship dog, and Bright could not have been more perfect for a 10 year old who loved to run all over the dog show grounds with friends and their dogs. Alison loved shopping the vendors, and enjoyed letting Bright pick out new toys. Alison shared her ribbons with Bright, giving Bright the credit. Alison also put championship points on Bright. She learned a lot from her lovable dog.
Bright slept with Alison as a child and was a great comfort to her.

Bright made yearly trips to a local school on "Responsible Pet Day" to educate children on approaching and petting a dog, as well as basic
care. She has albums of photos of her with school children and "Thank You" cards from the children.
Last year, Twinkle joined her to be her understudy. Twinkle is a Newt x Gina offspring and loves people! Bright is Twinkle's Great-great Aunt!

Bright went to family cook-outs, sleep-overs at my brothers, the barn, short horseback rides, and dog shows even when she was retired. She
went on errands around town just for the fun of it. She didn't like to be left behind.
We made nightly walks for exercise right up to the time she became ill. She clued me when it was time for her walk. She was my sweet little buddy and thought she was supposed to go everywhere with me!

Bright loved puppies and had false pregnancies in which she would gather dozens of stuffed animals/toys and beg for the ones I tried to remove
and hide on top of the refrigerator! Maybe it was to make up for her small litter of 4.

Sharon reminded of a time Bright traveled to Atlanta with her & Dave:

"I have a favorite memory of Bright I wanted to share. It was when we were showing Pfeiffer & Grace we had Bright with us. We were over in
Newnan at a show and Bright was in a false pregnancy. You had given us a couple of her stuffed babies to take. She rode up front between the seats in a cuddler with her babies. When we went to get our armbands she strayed from the cuddler. When I got back to the van I noticed she
had 3 more toys with her . She had gone shopping in the van and pulled them out of bags under the seat. It was so cute and funny."

My last photos of her are with a couple of Gina's "escaped" puppies visiting her. Bright let them try to nurse and started cleaning them. I had to pull them off of her. But that was Bright. A real sweetheart.

Bright would wake me if I overslept by pawing me. If I pretended she hurt me and said "ouww, Bright," she'd grin and grin. If I asked her " Did you do that?" she'd grin even if she didn't do it. If I scolded Alison, Bright would grin as if she were involved.

Bright leaves behind 2 liver spotted kids, Ch. Bree and Ch. Travis,
sired by Ch. Hollytree Fire Engine Red; "Dean" is also deceased. She also had another beautiful liver girl, "Bee," who was on her way to her championship when her life abruptly ended. So, in my heart, Bright produced 3 champions. As many of you know, her sister Jenna has produced 8 champions and several offspring with numerous performance titles, like Alvin and Spirit. Bright was also the Great Aunt to Newt.

I shall miss her gentleness, her comfort, her unconditional love, her grins, her wagging tail. She was a Being with grace.
I shed tears because she is gone, but I smile because I had the blessing of sharing her life. My heart isn't empty but full of the love we shared.

Gilda Turner
Hollytree Dalmatians
Hartselle, Alabama

One last word of farewell, Dear Master and Mistress. Whenever you visit my grave, say to yourselves with regret but also with happiness in your hearts at the remembrance of my long happy life with you:
"Here lies one who loved us and whom we loved". No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail.

~ Eugene O'Neill