Candid Photos and dalmatians and dogs

Candid photos - Dalmatian pictures - photography
dogstar aussie tricolor
dogstar aussie two step
Spirit, Legecy Dalmatians
Paige Aussie Head Shot Tricolor
Jocko the Dachshund
Dalmatain Gina Bee
Candid Photos
Dalmatain Spirit Legecy Dalmatians
Gina amongst Spring time freesia flowers, age 1 year.
Gina Bee poses in her bee hankerchief
"Spirit" Liver Dalmatian. Photo for Molly Martin, Legacy Dalmatians
Dog Star Texas Two Step or Ms. T,
photographed for Shirle Rogers.
Photography performed for Shirle Rogers, Dog Star Australian Shepherds.
This is a photo of "Ms. T."
Photo of Paige, Australian Shepherd owned by Shirle Rogers, Dog Star Aussies.
Paige Tricolor Aussie
Head study of female tri-colored Australian Shepherd, Paige.
Dalmatain Gina Bee sitting on fire truck
Each year, Hollytree Bright n Shiney visits a school and goes to various classes.
Here's a "Thank You" card Bright received from the 4 year-old kindergarten class.

Dalmatain Brite holding greeting card
Gina poses under the USA Flag
Bubba Redcoat Aussie
Bright, Gina, and Bubba in Dec., 2005
Bubba is one of the Hollytree family members that has a gorgeous red tri coat! Bubba is an Australian Shepherd owned by my husband, Kenny Turner. He's a great dog! Dec., 2005
Dalmatian Gina, Dalmatian Bright and Aussie Bubba
Dalmatain Gina posing with a hankie on
Dalmatian puppy Dazzle sitting in Basket
Jocko, age 1, photographed for David and Jame
Sometimes puppies are dressed up for portraits. Piper (Dazzle), age 8 weeks. Photo for Lu and Joel
Dalmatain Puppy Ella wearing a crown
Sometimes being a princess in training can wear a pup out. Ella, age 8 weeks. Photo for Jonathan
Haily the Weimeraner
Spirit poses with statue of racehorse great, Secretariat.
Photo for Molly Martin, Legacy Dalmatians.

Hailey is a "unspotted" member of the Hollytree family. Owned by Kenny & Justin Turner. Hailey loves to hunt for squirrels and birds.
The unspotted member of the family Weimeraner
Hailey loves the Fall weather. She is a rescued Weimeraner who is gentle with the Dalmatian puppies raised at Hollytree.
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