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You know the kind of people I like?


a. I like the ones who ask lots of questions, the ones who want to see my dogs, and the ones who ask if there are any websites or books they can read to learn more about the breed.

b. I like the ones who tell me how much they do to take care of their dogs, describe their yard and house, and how they hire a pet sitter or have an excellent boarding kennel if they leave home.

c. I like the ones who get down in the floor and play with the puppies and don't mind accidents or a torn toy.

d. I like the ones who tell me how they housetrain and ask me to suggest training classes or show them how to groom the dogs and do their nails.

e. I like the people who speak fondly of dogs they have had that have passed on, tell me of the clever things they did, and show me, perhaps with a tear or two, photos slightly tattered from much handling.
f. I like the people who will send me photos of their puppy as it grows and continue to ask questions if they need advice.

g. Most of all, I like the people who will love the puppy as much as I do.....


.....and that’s a tall order!

Full Name:

Physical Address:

Mailing Address if different from physical:

Phone Number: Email address: Alt: Phone Number:

Why do you want to add a Dalmatian to your Family?

Gender of puppy you are interested in? Male Female Either

What type of puppy you are interested in? Pet Show Performance Obediance

Color preference? Black Liver

Do you currently or have you ever owned a Dalmatian? Yes No

If you own or have owned a Dalmatians how old are they? If deceased what was the cause of death? Where did you aquire your Dalmatian?

Have you owned or own any other breeds of dogs before? Yes No

If yes please describe:

Do you have any children: Yes No

Tell us about your family: (Ages, Hobbies ect):

Does anyone in your household have allergies? Yes No

Is your yard fenced? Yes No

What type of confinemnt will your provide your Dalmatian? (kennel, yard, run, fence, inside home, crate ect)

What environment will your new puppy live? Outside Inside Both

How much time will you be able to spend with your puppy each day?

Where do you Work?

Where will the puppy be kept while you are at work?

How long will the puppy be left alone while you are at work?

Where will your new puppy sleep?

Will you crate train your new puppy? Yes No

How will you exercise your new Dalmatian?

What kind of food will you feed your Dalmatian? Are you aware of the problem of high "purine" foods causing urinary stones in Dalmatians?

Have you ever surrendered a dog to an animal shelter? Yes No

Are you aware of the potential health problems associated with Dalmatians? Yes No

Vets Name:

Vets Address

Vet Phone Number

Do we have permission to contact your vet? Yes No

Will you take your puppy to basic obedience classes? Yes No

Please list 2 references that are not related to you that we may contact:

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Reference 2


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Any Addition comments or questions?

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